my word(s)

Susannah Conway got me thinking, like many others have, about New Year intentions.  Many around the internet have been talking about a word for the new year, and Susannah’s for 2012 was brave.  In 2013, she dedicates herself to open.

I mentioned how this year brought no resolutions and only brief reflection for me, so now that I’ve spent a solid two weeks reading about everyone else’s, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I would like to say something about the occasion.  Or rather, I’d like to say many things about the occasion.

I don’t have one word.  I like open, like Susannah.  I also like simplifybalance, and forward.  It seems that everyone has something they want to focus on for the next twelve months, but I just can’t limit myself to one thing.

If I had to choose a word, I might choose NOW.  Currently, my computer desktop reads, “If not now, then when?”  It reminds me to notice what’s happening now, to make the best of the moment, and to appreciate whatever may be coming to me.

I might choose GOOD.  Do good, be good, see the good all around you.  COMPASSION could be a possibility.  I also might choose GREEN, which I’m trying to make a major theme of my life.  QUIET might be my word.  Every day, I remember how important it is not to speak, simply to listen to the symphony around me.

The point is, I love all these words.  All these things are important to me.  Why should I choose one word for the whole of 2013 when I could choose instead to live each moment with new and vibrant intentions?  Why not focus on, say, perseverance one day and kindness the next?

Perhaps this, then, is my intention for 2013: to pay attention.  To adapt.  To love.  To make magic.  To learn new things.  To be flexible.  To wake up renewed every day.

Seven days in, I don’t mind saying that I’m doing pretty well.

– R

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